This Fart Machine Will Emit a Deafening Roar Across the English Channel

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: youtube & sploid.gizmodo
British inventor Colin Furze has invented the biggest fart machine ever. Furze plans to take his contraption to the cliffs of Dover and aim it across the English Channel towards France, with the hope of grossing out the French 21 miles away.

The machine is essentially a pulse valveless jet engine embedded in a pair of specially constructed buttocks. It creates a deafening roar along with a dastardly plume of fire. It thankfully does not emit flatulence odors however.

Furze, who is a plumber by profession, has previously invented a pair of pneumatic Wolverine claws, Magneto shoes and Pyro flame-throwers inspired by the X-Men films. He has also invented a baby stroller that zooms along at 50 mph and a fire-spitting mobility scooter; however he may have outdone himself with this fart machine. The French may not be too impressed however.