FarmLogs Helps Farmers Improve Yield and Eliminate Waste

 - Jan 12, 2017
References: farmlogs & techcrunch
FarmLogs is a new system that makes it easier for farmers to keep track of the work they do on their fields. Its intuitive, mobile tracking technology promises to help farmers improve their yield and eliminate waste while also reducing the amount of effort that they have to exert.

Data logging isn't typically associated with farming. Rather than being cooped up in an office pouring over paperwork, farming is more often associated with spending long days outdoors, working on crops. However, record-keeping is essential in modern agriculture, as keeping track of crop performance can inform how to treat those crops in the future.

FarmLogs is an automated record-keeping system for agriculture that connects to farmers smartphones. It allows them to record all their actions on the spot and eliminate the hassle of doing paperwork.