Farg by Kontor Kontur Codifies Clutter

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: kontorkontur.se & notcot.org
Just imagine how coherent your thoughts might become if your workstation looked like the layout in one of these photos. Farg by Kontor Kontur presents a selection of nine scrupulously arranged surfaces that demonstrate how order can be brought to chaos.

Nora Bencivenni photographed these spreads of 'Colors,' as the Gothenburg firm has titled them. With interests in graphic, product and interior design, the trio offers aesthetically pleasing compositions of miscellaneous items that one would find around the household.

But the collections within each frame aren't necessarily made up of knickknacks from common rooms. What they do have in common is their matching colors. Office supplies, workshop tools, fashion accessories and culinary utensils come together in Farg by Kontor Kontur to produce lovely images in a vivid red, green, yellow, pink and more.