Mike Leavitt Imagined Famous Film Directors as Their Own Creations

Mike Leavitt, otherwise known as ReMike, is a Seattle-born sculptor and visual artist whose latest work includes a collection dedicated to famous film directors and their iconic cinematic creations.

The sculptures were titled 'King Cuts' and appeared at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, with the famous directors displayed as characters from the films that they are most well-known for. The series captures the dedication that these filmmakers have to their practice as well as makes clear the originality that brought them so much success.

Each sculpture has an immense detail that pays tribute the famous film directors' vision. Included is Alfred Hitchcock as a raven, George Lucas as a lightsaber-carrying Jabba the Hutt, Quentin Tarantino depicted in all his violent glory and Tim Burton representing Batman, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.