Rennie Ellis Photographs Australia's Famous and Infamous Artists

 - Jun 26, 2014
References: & itsnicethat
'Famous and Infamous' is a collection of images featuring some of Australia's most acclaimed and notorious faces shot by legendary photographer Rennie Ellis.

Ellis was well-versed in the language of Weird with a capital W; he began photographing people you can only describe as "characters" in the early 1970s. Much like an anthropologist, Ellis approached these eccentric creative-types with caution, in their natural habitats. After earning their trust, he was even able to photograph some of them in their most natural state: completely nude. It's obvious that his subjects felt incredibly comfortable in his more-than-capable hands (and lens), allowing him to capture some truly bizarre moments. For instance, one shot features Barry Humphries composing an oil painting in nothing but a questionably tight speedo.

According to Ellis' website, the series shows how his "camera became the key that unlocked doors and gave him access to the famous and infamous. His spirited but never spiteful work made him almost as well known as the celebrities he photographed."