This Fake Snowman Prank Works Every Time

 - Dec 11, 2012
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This fake snowman prank plays on everyone's Holiday-themed worst nightmare of a walking, talking snowman. Clearly Frosty is to blame.

All jokes aside -- and by that I mean no jokes aside at all -- this snowman prank is set up perfectly to rattle the passing pedestrians. Outside a storefront on what looks like a busy street stands a large, hard shell of a snowman. Classically decorated, the snowman looks heavy and stationary. The snowman startles passers by because they assume he is simply a decoration. Little do they know, there is actually a person inside who can move the snowman.

The fake snowman prank starts with two older men walking by talking. The snowman abruptly shifts right and the two men jump out of their skin and say "don't do that" before laughing.