The Gillette Guide to Fantastic Facial Hair

 - Mar 22, 2010
References: trendhunter
Baby toupees, beard championships and facial hair for women. Today we hunt: EPIC MANSCAPING - The Gillette Guide to Fantastic Facial Hair

10. Matt Rainwaters’ Beardfolio documents a uber stylized facial hair. If Lady Gaga could grow a beard, she’d be all over these off-the-wall looks.

9. Your beard ain’t got nothing on this award-winning cage beard at the National Beard and Mustache Championships. It even has a functional door for keeping the haters out and the beard-loving ladies in.

8. You probably know a guy that cuts his own hair because he is too cheap to go to the hairdressers. Well, Scott takes it to a whole new level and shows YouTubers how to do a DIY hair transplant using glue. Don’t try this at home.

7. Body hair can be a canvas for artistic expression. Whether it is your favorite player’s number, a hairy bra or just a really neat design, this type of manscaping is a good way to turn your body into walking art.

6. This Gillette ad teaches how to shave around your manhood, without putting it in risk of cuts or scratches. Trim your bush and make that tree of yours look taller!

5. David Traver won the World Beard Championship with a 20+ inch beard that took two years to grow. To top it off, he wove it into a snow-shoe-like pattern.

4. Ladies want in on the beard action too, so artisan Erin DOllar created unisex facial hair that will have the ladies manscaping!

3. No one likes to look like they’re wearing a sweater when their shirt is off, that is why the Swerve is perfect for those extra hairy men (or women). The blades align at just the right angle to make you hair-free in no time in the safest way possible.

2. Salons usually aren’t very manly, but Knockouts is a sports-themed place to get your haircut that caters to men by having the hairdressers hot, the TVs big and the beer free.

1. Baby toupees are the one and only way for tots to get in on the grooming action that adults have. Because let’s face it, it’s embarrassing to be born without hair.

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