'Faces on the Ferry' is a Documentation of Amsterdam Living

 - May 23, 2018
References: kickstarter
Commuting is the most forgettable and rote part of the day, but 'Faces on the Ferry' is a multimedia art project that shows if people look a little bit closer, they can uncover the joy and beauty in even the most superficially unexciting activities. The project includes sketches of various Amsterdam commuters on a short ferry ride from Amsterdam Noord to the center of the city, and it presents these sketches in several different formats.

'Faces on the Ferry' was started on a whim by artist and illustrator Rachelle Meyer, an American living in Amsterdam. During her short ferry commute to the office, she would jot pencil sketches of her fellow commuters. After filling up a sketchbook, she found that the total effect was powerful, and turned this into a stop-motion video. She's now using Kickstarter to fund a series of seasonal prints based off the work.

Image Credit: Rachelle Meyer