The Facehawk Music Video is a Personalized Experience

 - Sep 5, 2013
References: thefacehawk & mashable
Music duo Big Data is taking the interactive new take on the music video for their new single ‘Dangerous’ with the program FaceHawk.

The program, created by Rajeev Basu, simply converts your Facebook HTML codes into animated graphics that accompany the song. With lyrics such as "how could they know/how could they know/what I been thinking/but they’re right inside my head/because they know/because they know/what I’ve been hiding," Big Data attempts to make a commentary on the extremely public nature of the Internet and how they are not as innocuous as they may initially seem.

Not only is this a catchy track, it also provokes thought on the pervasive, maybe even aggressive, influence of technology in modern life. Big Data – comprised of Alan Wilkis and Daniel Armbruster – drop their new EP on September 24th.