Fig & Yarrow's Organic Steam Packs Rid Skin of Impurities and Toxins

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: figandyarrow
Fig & Yarrow's face steaming skincare packs are designed for use year-round. The seasonal products are all natural and are conveniently packaged, making them ideal for travelers or those living life on the go.

Designed specifically for spring, summer, autumn and winter use, these face steaming products are combined with hot water to open and clean one's pores and to rid one's skin of impurities and toxins.

While Fig & Yarrow's spring and summer packs focus on detox and a cleansing of pores -- clogged due to excess oils that are common during warm weather -- the cosmetic brand's autumn and winter products are more focused on purification, hydration and respiratory support for skin that can be exposed to harsh weather conditions.