‘F U, Penguin' Blog Disses Adorable Animal Viral Media

 - Aug 11, 2009
References: fupenguin
Just when you think your inbox is safe, that annoying person sends you a forward of kittens doing something cute—only you don’t think it is cute, you think it is lame. If this sounds familiar, then F U Penguin (fupenguin.com) is for you.

Declaring itself "a blog where i tell cute animals what’s what," F U Penguin does just that. Never one to stick its head in the sand, this hilarious blog will tell a donkey/zebra hybrid (a zonkey) just what it thinks ("One part zebra, one part donkey, a million parts out of control").

I suggest you run, not walk to this gem of a website. In the meantime, I posted a gallery of cute animals, check’em out… if you dare.