Shwood's 'Oxidized Collection' Lets Nature Create One-of-a-Kind Designs

 - Sep 2, 2015
References: shwoodshop
The 'Oxidized Collection' from Shwood Eyewear is a line of eyewear frames that have been left to oxidize, creating whimsical turquoise, blue and gold designs.

Each pair of frames has two brass panels, one on each arm, that oxygen has worked its chemical magic on. The elemental reaction creates a unique pattern that results in each frame being different from another. The oxidized brass panels are then inlaid into the natural wood, acetate or titanium frames. Available in two versions of Shwood's classic 'Canby' style, the eyewear frames are certainly eye-catching.

Literally standing the test of time, these sunglasses are made with natural materials affected by natural phenomena, meaning they don't fit a certain style or fad and will therefore never go out go style.