Jinks Kunst Created Extreme Sports Signs for City Streets

 - May 25, 2014
References: jinkskunst & designtaxi
French artist Jinks Kunst has a knack for art that involves extreme sports, so it is fitting that his latest series of work features extreme sports signs. However, these aren't your typical signs -- they are road signs.

Essentially the artist "hijacked" road signs and turned them into symbols in the likes of extreme sports. The clever signs feature caution signs that warn drivers and pedestrians of BMX riders, street parkour-enthusiasts, skateboarders and break dancers.

Though the extreme sports-themed road signs are just part of an art project, city officials all over the world should seriously consider using them -- especially near areas that are densely populated with those who partake in extreme sports. For example, they would be perfect near public parks that have a skatepark.