Sex on Beach Leads to Jail Time in Dubai

 - Nov 18, 2008
References: blackbookmag
Dubai is making a major play for tourism, but only of a "proper kind." Hotel guests may find themselves required to study etiquette guides that are left out on tables during brunch which warn couples to "get a room" rather than have too much fun on the beach.

One couple in their mid-30s, Michelle Palmer, 36, and Vince Acors, 34 wound up in jail after they "were found guilty of having sexual intercourse outside marriage and offending public decency."

It seems that in Dubai, anything more than an innocent peck on the cheek can get a couple arrested. Who would have thought, two Brits were having sex on the beach (the real kind, not the drinks) and ended up with a fine and being sentenced to three months in jail.