Extreme Pete and Friends

 - Oct 22, 2008
References: uk.youtube
Skateboarding Jack Russell, Extreme Pete, rips the ramps in this awesome training video!

The little terrier rides on a piece of wood with wheels, although to this dude, it's more than that; it's a way of life. The video shows X Pete showing off his best moves in California. You know you wanna see it! We did, and we were blown away.

We also can't ignore Tyson, a bulldog and X Pete's chunkier friend who also skates. Tyson has a different style to Pete; for him, it's more about getting from A to B, but we're not going to tell him that as he looks quite scary.

A fan of Pete said that his dog also likes to Skate, which he discovered when, without training, he just hopped on board.

Now where's that dog of ours? Someone find the poodle!