The Wrinkled World of Paper-Folding

 - Jan 19, 2009
References: flickr &
Tomohiro Tachi folds origami, amazing and complex origami. Many of the pieces, including the Rubik’s Cube and the Teapot featured in the gallery, are folded from a single uncut square. He’s posted a paper about the technique and uses software to help him engineer other forms. The work is especially wonderful because of the strong 3D aspect. Unlike many traditional origami forms, these are nearly sculptural. The teapot is impressive, but the rabbit is also a masterful application of the art of paper folding.

Tachi’s architectural installations are essentially origami on a gigantic scale. Their visual simplicity and textural qualities are difficult to resist.

Tachi was born in Japan, in 1982; he received his MA in architecture in 2007 from the University of Tokyo, where he is now pursuing doctoral studies. You can see more of his origami on Flickr; some of his pieces, including folding patterns are on his Japanese website.

The YouTube video demonstrates folding a man in a hood.