Extra Cool Chewing Gum Ads Contract Consumers

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: jiajie.cn & adsoftheworld
George Costanza will happily remind you that in cold temperatures shrinkage of some body parts may occur, but it's clear that in these Extra Cool Chewing Gum ads, entire people may be at risk of reducing in size.

The J&J advertising agency of Shanghai, China, created a run of three print ads to promote a menthol-rich chewable that serves up a seriously chilly flavor. Asking themselves what happens to people when they become cold, no doubt they arrived at the images within this clever campaign.

Three people are featured in these Extra Cool Chewing Gum ads, each swimming in an ensemble of oversized clothing that has evidently slipped right off. The fish-lipped facial expressions of each of the subjects confirms that the icy snack that caused their extreme minimization.