This Exploding Christmas Tree is Assembled with Detonation Cords

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: dailypicksandflicks & sploid.gizmodo
RatedRR has made a video of explosive Christmas trees out in the dessert as a holiday stunt.

This tree was assembled with detonation cords that are meant for exploding, firing, or bursting into flames. The astonishing video shows how a flexible plastic tube filled with material that explodes four miles per second is insane. The video was filmed out in the California desert during the day to perform the dangerous act.

It also displays how the tree was made step by step using these cables that are held to the ground creating the tree shape. A wired star was also made as the top piece to define the overall image as a tree. Explosive Christmas trees should never be tried by yourself unless you are an expert performing a stunt for that purpose only.