- Sep 1, 2009
References: exploitingchaos
EXPLOITING CHAOS officially launches today! The book has already seen some rave reviews and tons of hype in the weeks leading up to the launch and now that it can finally be purchased off bookstore shelves, more are flooding in.

John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, was quoted saying, "Love the book - best book on innovation I’ve read and I get 10 a week."

Another glowing review was recently released by TORO Magazine as well, which wrote "Gutsche has just released, Exploiting Chaos, a book that is, in a word, stunning. And it would be stunning if it didn’t become an instant bestseller and classic, and catapult its young author onto the current guru pantheon alongside trend spotters and commentators like Wired editor Chris Anderson and pop sociologist Malcom Gladwell."

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