Selvatica's Branding is Inspired by the Rainforest of Colombia

 - Jun 1, 2015
Selvatica is an exotic tea brand that sources its ingredients from the Rainforest of Colombia. The company's brand identity is reflective of wild fruit flavors and feature botanical graphics. In addition to tea tins that feature botanical illustrations and images of wildlife, this exotic tea brand opts for bold colors when it comes to its tea bags.

Juxtaposing orange and pink tea bags with monochromatic tins, Selvatica creates a visually appealing brand identity and features two tropical flavors -- Acai, the Camu-Camu. These exotic tea blends are also infused with Copoazu and Araza fruits that are native to the Colombian rainforest.

Inspired by exotic wildlife and traditional flavors, this tea packaging is reflective of its ingredients while captivating consumers with its blend of monochromatic and vibrant elements.