Colombian Students Create Cactus Burgers and Wine

 - Jan 6, 2008
References: eltiempo
A group of students from Siapana in Guajira, Colombia are producing a series of food products from cactus. Yes, cactus.

With the help of Rafael Márquez, the only cactus expert in Colombia, they have been able to produce candies, jam, wine, salads and even burgers.

These young wayuus (the tribe that dominates the Guajira desert) recently finished their high school studies. With the help of their ancestors who gave them all their knowledge to use the few things that nature gives them in abundance: sun, sand and cactus, they have been able to create a promising company. The company's brand name, Jemet, translates into the English word, 'delicious'.

Their business is growing up as cactus does: slow, but firm.