Evolution by Patrick Gries Artfully Poses Animal Bone Structures

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: patrickgries & thisiscolossal
Hauntingly arresting, the images that make up the photo series titled Evolution by Patrick Gries, a photographer born in Luxembourg, revolves around the skeletal frames of vertebrate animals. It was created in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France. Yet instead of looking like the images found in a stuffy textbook, there is something fantastically lifelike about them.

This is due in large part to the fact that the skeletons featured in Evolution by Patrick Gries have been posed artfully to take on animated black and white stances. Whether it is a coiled snake or a galloping horse, the animals are brought back to life through his lens. The photos are accompanied by passages from writer and scientist Dr. Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu.