The Every Day Posters Every Day Blog Makes Every Moment Epic

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: edped.tumblr
If you've ever wondered what your life would be like if you starred in a movie, the hilarious Every Day Posters Every Day photoblog is perfect for you.

This terrific tumblr site is dedicated to those mundane moments that everyone experiences but takes for granted. People are encouraged to turn their small moments into epic movie posters that make them seem exciting and suspenseful. Did you notice that you're out of Ketchup? Turn this drab experience into a dramatic movie poster for the masses.

The Every Day Posters Every Day tumblr site reminds viewers that time is fleeting, and that they should cherish each and every moment.

Implications - Consumers appreciate Internet games and memes because they are interactive; it allows them to express their own creativity and to socialize and share an experience with others. Companies can appeal to their target markets by developing an interactive marketing campaign.