These Nature-Inspired Designs Channel Barren Deserts and Vast Canyons

 - Feb 5, 2018
References: nicholask
Nicholas and Christopher Kunz based their ethically luxurious fashion line on the idea of balance and coexistence between species. Raised among the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking formations of the Rockies, the brother and sister duo creates outfits for the urban nomad. The styles are specifically tailored to fit within the narrative of the city, while incorporating the versatile and adaptive nature of the wilderness. The collections are tailored with seasonless silhouettes that build up and complement each other. It is essentially "the antithesis of ever-ephemeral fast fashion."

Not only do the designs of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection narrow down on military green motifs and zebra stripes, they also represent the ethically luxurious fashion aspect through sustainable textiles, honorable practices and supply chain transparency.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Kunz