Shape is a Well Researched Ethical Investing App

 - Jun 20, 2018
Ethical investing can often require a great deal of research into numerous companies but the Shape ethical investing app aims to help users keep track of companies under investigation. Founded by an investment banker and computer science alum, the ethical investing app essentially allows investors to easily research companies they want to invest in and can find ethical concerns those firms may be involved in. The information showcased on the Shape app is inputted manually based on company reports and journalistic sources. Users can also submit information not already represented in the app.

Investors using the Shape app can sort through the database compiled in the app and can avoid companies that have ties to tobacco, alcohol, weapons and nuclear projects. Firms and companies represented on the app also contain short descriptions outlining their history that may be of interest to ethically-minded investors. These descriptions include information about environmental harm, positions on foreign policy, tax schemes or economic bailouts.