The ESTNATION Store Features Ambiguously Divided Space

Although a retail boutique offering westernized fashions, the ESTNATION store in Tokyo, Japan, is essentially a display of ambiguously placed wall dividers.

Creating a clean and pristine look around the store are vertical "stick" wall partitions that seem to be almost haphazardly placed around the boutique. However, these interesting and modern-looking partitions are actually placed in such a way as to allow customers to see the entire store while standing just at the entrance. The dividers also act as guides, showing customers where to walk as they look at the merchandise. Wood accents and indirect lighting are used at the entrance to create a warm ambiance to entice visitors.

Designed by Moment Design, the interior of the ESTNATION store is based on verticality. According to the Retail Design Blog, vertical lines are more common to Japanese culture than are horizontal lines.