The Escalator Portrait Series by Paul Batt is Thoughtful

 - Aug 30, 2013
References: paulbatt & itsnicethat
Although they are often short rides, a person can really lose themselves in their thoughts while on an escalator as the Escalator Portrait Series shows. Whether mindlessly staring at another person (or perhaps not so mindlessly), scratching one's noggin or pondering down at one's feet, it is easy to daze off in these precious moments of solitude amidst a bustling city backdrop.

Put together by Paul Batt, a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, the Escalator Portrait Series is very candid. Batt reveals, "I tried to show this longingness and the need for connection, as strangers randomly pass one another in opposing directions of momentary ascent or descent. The intention of these series was to create an in-depth and humane portrait of unknown subjects, that existed outside the portrait traditional paradigm."