The Ergo Stool & Table Set is Compact and Contemporary

 - Jul 19, 2011
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If you've abandoned paper and printed media and tend to work mostly from your laptop, there's little point in filling precious space with an oversized desk. The Ergo Stool & Table can accommodate you and your notebook simply and effectively.

The pair quite minimally comprises a backless seat and a computer stand, both constructed of busy geometric frames performing an eccentric balancing act. Each small seating or resting surface is supported from just one side, and the result is a dynamic duo that hardly occupies an area larger than the sitter's own body. Having both been designed to satisfy the other, these furnishings boast an ergonomic arrangement. Despite the insubstantial forms of the Ergo Stool & Table, it's the wacky zigzag brackets and the bright neon colors that give the compact carrel set its quirky charm.