Epiphyte Pavilion Will Enhance the Environment of its City Surrounds

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: marvinbratke & ecofriend
Once upon a time, the purpose of a building was to provide shelter, but a strong relationship between inside and outside was maintained. Once built, the Epiphyte Pavilion will return to this more receptive idea of architecture, but employ technology to produce further intensified effects.

Marvin Bratke has planned for Munich as the eco installation's first location where it will sit lightly within a metropolitan square, inviting in the wind, the rain and the sunlight along with fascinated passers-by. With an organic sloping shell of solar panels and a system of rainwater collection, the structure will harness more renewable energy and resources than it consumes for a net negative environmental effect. The enchanting Epiphyte Pavilion will become a captivating venue for exhibiting artwork, while affording occupants a stimulating sensory experience with sound, light and even the emission of aromas.