Neely Unveils the Epic Meal Time Sushi Tutorial

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: youtube & trendhunter
Jaime Neely, Editor and Educational Curator at Trend Hunter, may not look like someone who always indulges in fast food, but the Epic Meal Time sushi tutorial looks so good that she's tempted to try it. Her bubbly personality and penchant for humor shines through in this interview, as her response to such questions as what she wanted to be when growing up and her vision for upcoming trends are always met with laughter and a quip. As much as her sense of humor gets her through the workday, she also balances that out by working hard and tapping her toes to an upbeat song to get her creative juices going.

What is your favorite trend and why?

My favorite trend has to be limitless indulgences. A solid example of that is Japanese junk food. Basically what we have here is an Epic Meal Time sushi tutorial. They've taken a bunch of fast food dishes from the likes of Mcdonald's and they've mixed them all together to create sushi using the ingredients. It's pretty creative, it's pretty high fat, definitely indulgent and I really wish I could eat some of it.

How do you define cool?

I define cool as something that makes you feel special. Something that gives you confidence and that sets you apart from everyone else.

What is your secret to uncovering the best trends?

My secret to uncovering the best trends is finding sites that nobody else goes to. Little gems on the Internet, little secret spots in the worldwide web.

What is the most remarkable way that you see businesses changing?

The most remarkable way that businesses are changing today is the fact that they are accountable to the consumers because of things like social media and online costumer service. Consumers really have a voice these days.

What advice would you give to the business world?

My advice to the business world would be to put yourself in the shoes of consumers.

What is your favorite thing about working at Trend Hunter?

My favorite thing about working at Trend Hunter is how coming into the office every day is not like a regular job. I get to laugh, I get to see my friends and I get to learn something new all the time. Each day is a new experience.

How do you reset to be creative?

The best way I reset to be creative is by putting on a really good song that pumps me up and gets me excited. Probably Drake or something like 'Call me Maybe.' Anything top forty gets me tapping my foot.

What did you want to be growing up?

When I was younger, I thought you could be anything you wanted in the world and I wanted to be a dog. I thought I could become a dog when I was younger. Then I wanted to be an artist and then I wanted to be a penguin poacher because my sister's favorite animals were penguins.

Predict something awesome for 2020?

A trend that I see upcoming in the future is people tattooing their social media information on their bodies. Like someone tattooing their twitter handle on their lower back or their Linkedin profile ID on their lower stomach.

Any last thoughts you'd like to add about Trend Hunter?

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