The Mercedes-Benz Energy System is for the Home

 - Apr 24, 2017
References: media.daimler & newatlas
The need for effective ways to keep energy stored on a local basis for consumers is apparent, so the Mercedes-Benz Energy storage systems are intended to offer a solution. Developed by Daimler subsidiary ACCUmotive, the Mercedes-Benz Energy system features lithium-ion batteries that are capable of keeping energy from wind turbines or home solar panels stored until needed.

The Mercedes-Benz Energy storage systems have a modular aesthetic that enables them to be utilized with more or less battery units as required. This makes it possible to get the exact level of functionality desired without having to commit to a single model that could become too small in the near future for your needs.

The Mercedes-Benz Energy system comes as a competitor to the Tesla Powerwall and will soon be launching in the UK.