The EMW JuiceBox Aims to Cut the Time it Takes to Recharge Your Car

 - Jun 28, 2013
References: kickstarter
EV drivers looking for a way to charge their cars faster might want to donate to the Kickstarter fund for the EMW JuiceBox. This project aims to bring an open-source Level 2 EVSE to the market. The EMW JuiceBox promises to be both faster and cheaper than current top-tier charging stations. If successfully funded, the charging station would sell for a mere $99 and be completely customizable.

The EMW JuiceBox will require only a minimal amount of knowledge to set up (you will at least need to know how to solder). A charging time that is five to ten times faster than current Level 2 charging stations has been promised. This is an important stat as many drivers complain about the long charging times EVs have when plugged into traditional wall outlets. The project is seeking $25,000 of funding and is currently sitting at about $8,800.