'Clarity' Provides Employment for People with Disabilities

 - May 22, 2012
References: clarityefbp.org
Founded by Miss Elizabeth Gilbert in 1854, 'Clarity' provides employment for the blind and disabled. Their goal is to offer meaningful and rewarding work; they have 65 registered disabled and blind people working in their factory, and they are expanding to provide telemarketing jobs in their offices as well.

By purchasing any of Clarity's products you are supporting an organization that strives on giving back to the community. The products that they offer include toiletries, cleaning products and gift sets.

Their employment program for the blind is a four step process. The first module is introduction to manufacturing and packaging, the second is experiencing manufacturing and packaging, the third is NVQ performing manufacturing operations, and the last step is specialism. The first three months are un-paid, and should the candidate be successful, they are offered a 12 month paid contract, which falls under the fourth module of the program.

Clarity offers great opportunities for those who have disabilities, and allows them to contribute to society while doing meaningful work.

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