The EMPA Team Finds a Way to Weave 24k Gold into Clothes

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: gizmag & bornrich
For the discerning fashionista for whom only the finest of silks will do, the Swiss engineers at the EMPA team have found a way to weave gold into fabric.

Although gold plated fabric has been used to adorn royalty and the well-to-do for centuries, this is the first time that pure gold threading has been accomplished. After ten years of experimentation, the EMPA team conceived of a way to take the finest strands of silk and coat them in pure 24k gold, and still have a fabric that could withstand weaving, washing and wearing.

The highly technical process involved in creating this over-the-top luxurious fabric uses technology that is relatively unknown outside of Switzerland. The EMPA team successfully developed a device capable of breaking a piece of gold down into nanometer scaled fragments. These fragments are used to coat the threads of silk then the fabric is weaved together. According to the team, washing this valuable fabric will not change the original shine or appearance of the golden threads, but I think it’s safe to say this gorgeous fabric is dry clean only. Production of this fabric has begun in a limited run, and only small pieces like ties, handkerchiefs and bow ties are being produced. Before you run out to buy the whole lot be advised a full length tie will run you in excess of $8,500.

If your still wondering what to buy the well-moneyed fashionista in your life, look no further than this 24k gold fabric.