The Emma Montague Jawbone-Style Sunglasses are Sharp

The Emma Montague Jawbone-Style Sunglasses are fierce. The beautifully weird eyewear was created by UK-based designer Emma Montague. According to the website Star Spangle Magazine, Montague was inspired after placing her pair of Ray Bans next to a mandible. The moment struck a chord with Montague, who imagined the possibilities that could be created with the merger, thus the creative series was spawned.

The construction of the sunglasses mixed classic frames with black horn, the jaw bones of a deer and acetate, resulting in these stunning shades. Montague's edgy approach worked out as this deadly combination provides a raw sophistication that has been unseen before this collection in eyewear.

These jaw-dropping shades are perfect for the fashion-forward -- that is, if you are adventurous enough to give them a try.