The Emision Zero Waterbike Abandons the Concept of a Leisurely Spin

When you think of a paddle boat you'll likely conjure images of ponds and calm lakes and people relaxedly plugging away for a gentle ride. The purpose of the Emision Zero Waterbike couldn't be more different, despite the fact that the mechanics and motion required are very much the same.

Developed by Viktor Horvath, Tibor Kovacs and Gergely Ferenczi, this floating conveyance takes structural and aesthetic inspiration from sports cars. It has been designed to look aerodynamic, function aquadynamically at its base and shows off its glossy sculpting and hot orange paint job.

An athlete can make the Emision Zero Waterbike go around 20km/h, making it ideal for fair weather fitness. To introduce a social aspect to speed pedaling, multiple watercraft can be joined together along their sides.