The Mimin+Aid Emergency Pack Features a Fashionable Cylinder Design

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: & wired
The Mimin+Aid might not look like an emergency pack at first glance with its stylish tubular design, but these sleek cylinder pack contains all the life essentials needed should a survival crisis arise. The pack contains a variety of numbered tubes that open up to reveal sleekly concealed gadgets and tools for a variety of occasions.

Japanese design firm Nendo put the Mimin+Aid together with Sugita Ace. The main focal point is the dapper packaging that diverges from the standard rectangle brief case for something that is lighter, easier to carry on your back and can fit nearly anywhere. The survival kit features a light, crank radio, emergency first aid kit and charger stashed inside dozens of black aluminum tubes. Both the tubes and casing cleverly floats in water making it ideal for tropical locations prone to monsoons and floods.