Embodied Labs Helps Users Understand Life from Patients' Perspective

 - Oct 12, 2017
References: embodiedlabs & huffingtonpost
Embodied Labs is a virtual reality training tool that serves as a powerful lesson in empathy for students and professionals within the healthcare industry. The emotions a patient experiences while going through a diagnosis can be complex, and more often than not, doctors aren't equipped with the emotional toolkit needed to fully understand the patient experience.

Embodied Labs has curated a series of narrative-driven virtual reality experiences, which helps individuals gain a first person perspective within various medical scenarios. One of the experiences, titled 'We are Alfred' puts medical students in the perspective of an aging senior, who has just been diagnosed with a degenerative vision impairment.

Through the VR system, individuals can temporarily experience the emotional journey a patient endures, that touches upon non-medical aspects such as family dynamics, personal well being and job performance.This narrative-driven empathy-based training tool breaths a new life into health education, while providing a focus on the soft-skills that medical school doesn't typically emphasize.