Elise Victoria Louise Windsor Weaves Whimsy into Her Images

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: elisewindsor & beautifuldecay
Toronto artist Elise Victoria Louise Windsor has only recently graduated and is already making her name known with cunning collections like this one. This series of images is extremely surreal; Windsor incorporates optical 3D illusions into her captures that are so seamlessly placed that it's difficult to figure out her magical methods. Common everyday objects are warped and twisted as geometric cubes bulge out of them. Looking at her pieces will have you seeing ceiling fans and tiled walls pop right out at you.

These illusion-savvy snapshots by Elise Victoria Louise Windsor may have you questioning your sobriety. They inspire viewers to ponder the possibilities of their surroundings instead of simply being satisfied with the standard. Elise Victoria Louise Windsor is a wizard of warped whimsy.