Take a Drop with the Elijah Gowin 'Of Falling and Floating' Series

The Elijah Gowin 'Of Falling and Floating' series captures free-falling bodies in a state of grace. The American photographer has created a dramatic series that urges a sense of anxiety within in the viewer, who immediately begins to wonder about the dropping subjects. According to Gowin's website, the series is meant to symbolize the increasingly polarized society while reflecting" the breadth of human emotion – fear and joy, anger and peace."

In order to achieve the vivid color effect in each image, Gowin used a collage of old and new photographs. Afterwards, he hand cut and scanned each photograph simultaneously producing a futuristic and vintage feeling within the series.

Eerily eye-catching, the Elijah Gowin Of Falling and Floating series will give viewers goosebumps.