These Balls Use Electrolysis Technology to Sanitize Fresh Produce

 - Jul 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
These electronic devices use electrolysis technology to zap pesticides off your fruits and veggies. Sleekly shaped like small spheres, the ECO Washing Balls immerse in water to send gentle currents. This well thought-out process is effective in sanitizing fruits and vegetables from harmful preservatives.

Simply washing fruits and veggies under running water may not be enough, which is why industrial designer Yeonjin Jo came up with this artful prototype. Not only are the ECO Washing Balls easy to use, but they are simple, stylish and non-intimidating in appearance. Electronic devices are usually thought to not mesh with water, but these Washing Balls are perfectly safe. Because of the negative impression of water and electronics, the visual design of the Washing Balls were evermore crucial.