The Electrolux Twister Zips Around Your Home to Provide a Complete Clean

 - Oct 13, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Engineers, designers and consumers are always looking for new ways for technology to assist with life's more tedious tasks, and the Electrolux Twister has been proposed to perform a job that everyone must deal with and that few particularly enjoy. Miguel Ortiz's concept is a robot cleaner that can spruce up your interiors in a jiffy, and all that you have to do is lift a single finger.

Activate the hovering sanitizer with the help of a smartphone app and tell it what sorts of tasks you'd like it to accomplish. While you're out, home or even asleep, the Electrolux Twister will silently go about its duties. Ultraviolet rays, a steam diffuser, an electrostatic induction plate and an Air Wick air freshener all work together to tackle dirt on surfaces and improve the quality of the air.