The Electrolux Tempo Blender Aids with Recipes and Entertainment

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
You can get quite a lot out of the innovative Electrolux Tempo Blender, but not without putting in a touch of work yourself. Although it looks undoubtedly hi-tech, the kitchen device thrives on the energy you put into it.

To turn combinations of ingredients into liquid or mush you must actually agitate the bowling pin appliance with the power in your own arms. As you shake it, the gadget begins to play different sounds that give you upbeat rhythms to which you can continue to joggle the jug in time.

But before you actually reach this step, Fu Chun Wan
's intelligent concept can guide you through a library of recipes for food and drink alike. The Electrolux Tempo Blender lists the ingredients for your choice concoction, simply requiring a little muscle afterwards for a mouthwatering outcome.