This Playful Meter Keeps Track of Used Energy in an Eco-Friendly Way

 - Dec 16, 2015
References: yankodesign
Designer Xindong Che (Jonathan) created these electricity meters with a playful and simplified twist. The new electricity meters titled 'Eco-Pop' are digitally designed to be extremely easy to read and presented in a playful way.

Each meter looks like a normal electric box that features a tree with a hollow trunk. Inside the tree trunk is a digital reading of how much electricity one has used in a week, and how much has been used in a month.

The design is meant to be simplified in an attempt to get kids interested and grow their compassion for the environment. Continuing this theme, each Eco-Pop box actually acts like a tree and will grow virtual leaves and light up to show users the beauty of the environment that is being saved when less energy is used.