Eco-Designs from EV Company Available for Licensed Production

 - Feb 22, 2009
References: evtransports
In addition to electric scooters and other personal transportation devices, Suntera electric car designs are being actively marketed by Anthony and Barbara Locricchio’s Renewable Electronics Transportation International (RETI) of Hawaii.

The company markets both new designs and the designs that originated with Jonathan Tennyson. Tennyson founded Suntera SECC, in the early 1990s. Tennyson pioneered many concepts including the use of ultra lightweight materials in electric vehicle construction. Though Tennyson is no longer with us, his visionary, environmentally-friendly designs live on through RETI.

Suntera vehicle design information and the use of the company’s body molds can be licensed for production by contacting RETI directly. RETI is also promoting community car ferries (see related trends.)