The EKDESIGN Product/Furniture Collection References Ancient Techniques

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: katharinaeisenkoeck & design-milk
The EKDESIGN Product/Furniture collection is made up of curious designs that balance between practical and artistic. Although they provide such functional details such as lighting, containers and more, they could easily be mistaken for sculptures. For example, the Nomadic Light features a leather silhouette that seems almost purposeless, yet it can be used as a handle or hook.

Based in London, Great Britain, the EKDESIGN Product/Furniture collection was designed by founder Katharina Eisenkoeck. According to her website, "Eisenkoeck shows a great interest in the revival of ancient techniques and craft processes brought into a new context as specifically shown in her work with leather." The EKDESIGN Product/Furniture collection also focuses a lot on basic concrete materials.