The Eidos Project Introduces a New Way to Perceive Your Surroundings

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: timbouckley & yankodesign
Many of us take our senses for granted. So that people might give more consideration to the world around them and the way that their bodies translate that information into ways that are easily understood, the Eidos project has been developed.

Tom Bouckley worked with Yuta Sugawara, Millie Clive-Smith and Mi Eun Kim to dream up a set of experimental equipment that enhances the way you look and hear, encouraging you to really see and to truly listen. The first piece, the Eidos Vision eyewear, has a camera embedded that produces time-lapse moving images before you, from which you can perceive patterns of motion. The second apparatus, the Eidos Audio, has a noise-canceling feature and an integrated microphone that draw in only the voices and sounds that are of interest to you.