The Egalia Preschool Encourages Kids to Be What They Want to Be

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: wral & neatorama
It looks like more and more people are trying to find ways to level the playing field when it comes to gender bias, and the Egalia Preschool happens to house a few of them. This preschool has made it their mission to raise children equally, without the gender stereotypes that come about quite naturally. Although I would like to say that the Egalia Preschool was inspired by Canadian parents Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, who have decided to not reveal the sex of their newborn baby Storm, it is more likely that modern society is simply becoming more self-aware of how children are being raised.

By avoiding such identifiers as 'him' or 'her' as well as carefully choosing the color and placement of toys, the types of books read and other details, Egalia Preschool gives children the opportunity to be whoever they want to be.