These Edible Flowers Add Color and Flavor To Recipes

 - May 29, 2013
References: 101cookbooks
Cooking becomes fun when you use it as a way to express yourself; as such making meals look as good as they taste is important and these edible flowers will add elegance and wonder to all your favorite recipes.

You can use the petals of edible flowers in absolutely any dish. They can be eaten while fresh or after being dried. When they are fresh they have more color but when they are dried they often taste stronger, the decision is up to you. Of course, not all flowers are edible and some are even poisonous. The petals from: hibiscus, rose, zucchini blossom, violet, calendula, chive, basil, thyme, and cherry blossom can be enjoyed risk free!

If you want to add color and flavor to dishes you enjoy making try drying the flowers yourself by arranging them on parchment paper and leaving them to dry for a week. Toss them every by hand daily until dry and crisp. Once they are dry you have edible flowers as another flavor to add to your roster.