This Eco-Friendly Washer Can Reuse the Same Water from Months

 - Dec 3, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
The 'AquaFresco' is an eco-friendly washer that uses grey water to launder clothes. Although most of us wash our clothing regularly, these items are rarely as dirty as we think. This washing machine relies on the fact that our clothes are really not that dirty to begin with.

The AquaFresco was created by MIT students Sasha Huang, Alina Rwei, and Chris Lai. The eco-friendly washer uses a filter to draw dirt and detergent out of the water after clothes have gone through a laundry cycle. The grey water that is left over is then reused for subsequent cycles. This means that users could end up using the same batch of water to launder their clothes for months at a time.

The closed system not only helps to conserve water, but it could also save consumers money. In fact, the students see the AquaFresco as an ideal option for hotels, which can spend tens of thousands of dollars each week washing linens.